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▶ Order form
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 // 4:49 AM

By placing an order, you are deemed to understood and agreed to what is stated at Terms & Conditions .

An invoice will be emailed to you once I have checked and calculated your order(s) for you so please do check your mail .

Name *

Handphone *

Email *

Do check your junk mail if you cant find the invoice within 24hours.

Collection Mode

 Free Normal Postage 
 Registered Postage  (S$2.25) 
 AM mail - Letterbox  (S$2.60) 
 AM mail - Doorstep  (S$3.90) 
Currently no more meet up due to my hectic schedule . Sorry for inconvience caused :(

Address : *

Item(s) : *

Please specify degrees and colour if you're ordering contact lens .

Eg. King Size Series, Blue -1.50/-1.50 (more suitable way)

(X) King Size Series, Pink -1.50/-1.50 (x2) ( this sometimes may confuse me :(

Payment *

 Bank transfer to POSB SAVINGS 128-22728-8 
Im sorry due to my hectic schedule no more meet up payment .

You can go to POSB bank and do a deposit to my account if you do not have a account .

If you dont know how to do it you can sms me :D

Discount Code:

If applicabble. Its okay to leave it blank if you do not have.

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